The Implant

Vigilante Logic EP

This material is all composed in 1994, one of the most productive years of Arno Peeters aka Sp@sms aka The Implant, following releases like the concept album Fuzzy Logic (CD) and the double Re-Volt EP, both released on Djax-Up-Beats in 1995.

The Implant

The Vigilante Logic EP is a rather hybrid work, featuring both acid and techno, electro and industrial-style mixes.

The experimental acid of Sloppy Slappin' and Comfortably Numb, that sounds a bit like Electronic Body Music on steroids, were originally meant for the Re-Volt EP, but didn't make it and became shelfware, which to both Arno and U-TRAX label boss DJ White Delight was a waste.
Hollywood Holdup Force is strongly influenced by the 1983 track "Al Naafiysh" (The Soul) by Hashim, what Arno still considers to be one of the foundations of electro. He tried to give it a more sinister and industrial feel, but still it has more the feel of electro than techno. It would precede the style he later expanded with Frank de Groodt (aka. Sonar Base/Pieces of a Pensive State of Mind) as Urban Electro.
Something similar can be said of Vigilante Volts, which is not straight-up techno, rather a mixture of dubby elements, spiced with analogue squeaks and embedded in an industrial layer.

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It was in this period, the mid 90s, that Arno started questioning what techno would actually define: does it need a four-to-the-floor beat? Should only Roland gear be involved?  He was annoyed that many artists in those days were clinging on to rather strict interpretations or definitions of styles. A lot of what is on Fuzzy Logic strongly points in that way and there's almost no techno on that album.

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Original release date: December 1996.
The original vinyl release is virtually sold out, but re-mastered digital versions of the tracks are available for download and streaming from May 15, 2020 onwards.

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