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Phoq U Phonogrammen – Vuigh en Onbesuisd
1995 saw the birth of a U-TRAX sub-label that was basically more a manifesto than a record label. The name and motto (“sordid & rash”) exhaled a fierce anti-establishment attitude and it became the platform for “quick and dirty music, rough and soulful techno & acid, right from the heart onto vinyl. Who gives a fuck about quality?!” But it was also a form of self-mockery, as Phoq U can also be read as "f*** U-TRAX".


The original Phoq U launch press release is somewhere between hilarious and awkward and is still wandering around on the internet - let's just say we were young.

From 1995 to 1997, seven 12”-es were released on Phoq U, ranging from raw acid by Fanon Flowers to hyperactive electro by Arno Peeters, a.k.a. Spasms, who later became the godfather of U-TRAX’s in-house voice dubbing studio.
As with the last U-TRAX releases, it proved to be very hard to sell these records to wholesalers by 1997.


Ironically, this also means that the last U-TRAX and Phoq U releases were simply not widely available and some of these releases at one point were selling at 150 euros on the internet.

We're back!
This interest in the old U-TRAX music, combined with the suprise release in 2017 of the Culture Clash album, made by DJ White Delight, DJ Zero One and TJ Tape TV back in 1992, inspired label boss RichART to reboot the record label. 2018 saw a soft launch, with some old U-TRAX and Phoq U releases being made available again through Triple Vision Distribution.
Then in 2023 we officially rebooted Phoq U with the release of Rebecca Goldberg's People Mover EP, produced and manifactured in Detroit. Physical distribution is handled by Clone Records.
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