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May 15, 2020

Out now: our last Phoq U of the 90s remastered

The last release (so far) on our sublabel Phoq U was not quite as raw as the previous six, but all the more unique.

Phoq U Phonogrammen's motto was "Vuigh en Onbesuisd", which translates as Sordid & Rash. Yep, we didn't let people second guess about the direction for the label: in general all Phoq U releases have been raw and fast acid and techno.

The last release we did in the nineties on this U-TRAX sublabel however was not really raw, but it was fast! The Implant, which was an alter ego for Arno Peeters, aka Sp@sms, presented us with 4 electro-infused acid/techno tracks that had the hyperactivity that he is known for so well. Rattling rhythms, bubbling acid and spooky-spacey sounds make up a very compelling and exciting 4-track EP that has pleased many of the connaisseurs back in the day. Because they were so futuristic, these tracks still sound super fresh today.

 More details on this release you can find on our Discography page, or jump to the info page for some background on Phoq U Phonogrammen.

All tracks have been remastered for downloading and streaming, for the first time ever.
Some copies of the original vinyl can be found in selected record stores and we may have some copies available at some point on our Bandcamp page. Go there now to buy the downloads:

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