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Oct 8, 2018

DJ WD's Track Talk

Label boss shares his personal insights on U-TRAX tracks with infovideos.

Every record has its story an often, these stories remain untold. Which is a shame, as they can really contribute to appreciating the music and the artist. And to be honest - these stories can be quite fun too!

So this is why DJ White Delight, U-TRAX' label boss, came up with DJ WD's Track Talk. This is basically a new way to flex his dance music journalist muscles, that have been inactive for over 25 years.
In every episode of Track Talk, WD will pick one track of a recently released U-TRAX or Phoq U release, and adds texts about everything he knows about that release.

This infovideo is a personal story by DJ White Delight about Tick Trax Vol. 1. Or a short audio documentary with text. Or a magazine article with music. Call it whatever you want, we just hope you enjoy it!

Watch the full infovideo here:

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